Underwater World Screensaver

Underwater World Screensaver

Underwater World Screensaver shows images of underwater creatures and plants
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Underwater World Screensaver is a slideshow which displays lots of images of underwater creatures. The screensaver shows a great variety of images of creatures and plants living at the bottom of the ocean. Among the images you will find different species of fishes, shells, anemones, plants, and rocks, to name but a few. The images look great and they come in different sizes. They are shown with a different transition effect, but, sadly you cannot customize them. The screensaver also lacks music and sounds, which is really a shame.

From the settings menu, you can customize the effect time, but not the time the images remain on the screen, which is really short. If you want, you can hide the cursor during the presentation, and repeat slides and random effects. The screensaver also gives you the option of adding a digital clock and slide number in any of the screen corners of your choice, and you can even customize their size, format, and font color.

In short, Underwater World Screensaver can help you give life to your screen with beautiful images of the underwater world completely for free.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of images
  • You can add a clock
  • Free


  • No sounds or music
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